T1L1 Atlanta Metro makes Huge Impact on Students

This  past  year,  Emily  Fede, Program  Coordinator,  and Robert  Pledger,  Area  Manager, have done a great job of opening up new opportunities for students to get mentors in the Atlanta Metro area. For in-stance, they have coordinated four programs through North Cobb High School where T1L1 mentors meet with students in grade  9-12  on  the  school’s campus each week. Recently, North Cobb had their graduation. One of the students handed a mentor a note (pictured above). It read: “I just wanted to say thank you. This class has helped me so much. It has turned me into a better person. I have honestly been sharing the things I learn here and I see a difference in my life and others. I don’t know if y’all hear this often, so I’m telling you. Thank you for coming here.” “This is why we do what we do,” Emily Fede says. The need for investors, mentors, and other volunteers in the Atlanta area is growing. Emily says she is actively recruiting men-tors for fall programs in Woodstock, Canton, Austell, Powder Springs and Kennesaw. “The Atlanta Chapter is seeking like-minded individuals and organizations with a heart for impacting kids in our community. If you love kids and have a flexible schedule, we want to talk to you  about  mentoring. However, if your sched-ule won’t allow you to be a mentor each week, we  have  many  other ways you can volunteer with us or come along-side as an investor.” In particular, Emily says they  are  looking  for businesses with whom they can partner. “We are looking to grow our community of volunteers, including individuals with talents in social media, event planning, grant writing and understanding best practices in business to serve on our Board of Delegates,” Emily says. If you would like to talk about the possibility of expanding with us, please contact atlantaga@T1L1.org or call Emily Fede at 678-749-5453.

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