Who is going to invest in them if not you?

T1L1 is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

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10 Universal Principles that can change a student's life.

Stop wondering how this world is going to change and do something that matters in a student’s future.


Treat others with respect in all situations.


Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.


Show self-control in order to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.


Demonstrate courage even in the face of self-doubt and fear.


Balance your self-confidence with healthy doses of humility.


Exercise excellence as a habit and a consistent part of your life.


Show great compassion for those less fortunate than yourself.


Generate enthusiasm in yourself and others towards a positive purpose.


Contribute to teamwork and reap the benefits as well.


A person of honor consistently makes the right choices.

There is a difference in the classroom when kids know you don't have to be here. You are only doing it because you care.

Because of their age, the students are still teachable and us [mentors] speaking about their potential helped them catch a vision.
The classroom teacher continued to work with the kids during the week and use the principles we taught to them to move the kids forward in life.
Kids told us [mentors] that now they stop and think before they do something and imagine what the consequences will be.
The students told us [mentors] that they were making different choices at home [better].
The kids knew how deeply we [mentors] cared for them, so they trusted that we were being straight with them and we were.
They [students] were coming back and sharing how it [the T1L1 program] was changing things at home with their siblings.
I was really nervous but the kids made it easy. They were so attentive and excited about it. It ended up being a lot of fun and it was a very good experience.
They [my work] think it is really cool and they tell other people that someone in our department goes and mentors kids.
You can speak into a life [child’s life] and I think it's amazing.
I feel like it would have helped me if I had this [T1L1 program] in high school.

It is hard to believe that this generation has to deal with the issues and pressures of today.

You may think you have little to offer that can make a difference in their lives.

Students learning universal principles from a trusted adult make a difference.

Those principles become part of who they are, and in that way, we save our communities.






Kids Impacted


Different States

How to become a mentor

Mentors are taken through a complete background check and mentor certification training.

They are placed in a mentor team and paired with a school and group of students for a whole school semester or year.

Each week the mentor team meets with students and guides them through the T1L1 curriculum that teaches universal principles to them.

Mentors work at developing long-term relationships so the students can feel safe asking questions of significance.

Teach One to Lead One Chapters

Top 10 Tips to be a great Hope Mentor

Stop wondering how this world is going to change and do something that matters in a student’s future.

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Help Students Avoid

Dropping out of school

Social media making up their values

Mental Health Issues

Becoming future ineffective parents

Being disruptive to society

You may be the only hope they ever meet

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10 Universal Principles that can change a student's life.

Stop wondering how this world is going to change and do something that matters in a student’s future.

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10 Tips for an adult to become an effective Youth Mentor

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