Build Leadership That Lasts

The Legacy of Leadership
campaign is a 3-year commitment to provide students with leadership
curriculum and mentors.

students with leadership curriculum and mentors

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We are building a bridge to Leadership

56.4 Million Students

In our schools, too many students face a future without hope, lost in dignity, and feeling
uncared for. This despair can lead to dropout, substance abuse, self-harm, or worse.
Teach One to Lead One is a lifeline, offering a mentoring program that imparts Universal
Principles to guide these students toward purpose and success. This bridge from lack of hope to leadership potential needs strong pillars — and that’s where you come in. Your support can turn their journey of hopelessness into one of empowerment and success.

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Investing in Kids

Brian Doak


Invest in Our Schools

Dr. Arrowood-School District Superintendent

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Shane Scott Leads


“I really liked my mentors, especially T1L1 mentor “farmer” Jack! Our mentors taught us courage is pushing past our fears to accomplish our goals.




(T1L1 Graduate)

Teach One to Lead One taught me to have self-control, never give up on my dreams, and treat others the way I want to be treated. If someone lets me down, I need to pick myself up again. When times got rough, T1L1 was there for me and made me feel safe.

Building Bridges to a Brighter Future

Our mission transcends immediate outcomes and focuses on the long-term impact of mentoring on the lives of the students we serve, their communities, and society at large.

Every young person we redirect away from the justice system represents significant savings for society and a productive, contributing member of the economy.

Our T1L1 graduates will become role models, breaking cycles of negativity, and setting new standards for behavior in their personal and professional lives.

Our mission is no longer confined by geographical boundaries. The innovative T1L1 Mobile Mentor app can now reach students anywhere at any time.

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