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Impact the future.

Teach One to Lead One® is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

Hope Mentors

Community Impact Video

You can be the one that makes the difference

Watch these stories about how mentors have significant impact on students’ lives. 

We offer hope through:

Certified Mentors

We provide certified mentors from the community who partner with public schools, juvenile courts, and other youth-oriented groups.

Proven Curriculum

We deliver a curriculum -based program that helps a generation of students at risk solve the challenges they face. 

Measurable Results

We guarantee measurable results that improve attitudes, academics, and attendance at school.

We offer hope by teaching these 10 Universal Principles:


Show self-control in order to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle


Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.


Treat others with respect in all situations.


Demonstrate courage even in the face of self-doubt and fear.


Show great compassion for those less fortunate than yourself.


Balance your self-confidence with healthy doses of humility.


Exercise excellence as a habit and a consistent part of your life.


Contribute to teamwork and reap the benefits as well.


A person of honor consistently makes the right choices.


Generate enthusiasm in yourself and others towards a positive purpose.


You probably see children and teens in your neighborhood or favorite shopping plaza. When you see them, do you ever stop and think about what they will be like in 8 or 10 years? With depression, suicide rates, and school shootings dramatically increasing among our students, we must act now.
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Just because you are busy and on the go, doesn’t mean you can’t Impact the Upcoming Generation. Mobile mentor is an app that matches you with a small group of students, teaches the T1L1 principles, and allows you to discuss these truths Anytime and Anywhere.
Be a Hope Mentor

Teach One to Lead One Chapters

We currently have 8 chapters of the program serving all over the united states. These chapters all have their own unique culture but teach consistent life principles and maintain the same proven process.


Thoughts from our community


Earbuds Down, Leadership Up

By Pablo Fonseca Walking through the halls of a high school, you come in contact with many different students and personalities. There’s always at least

Help Students Avoid

Dropping out of school

Social media making up their own values

Mental Health Issues

Become ineffective parents

Disruptive Society

Kids Impacted
Different States

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