Supporting well-rounded growth in self and social awareness, Teach One to Lead One focuses on strengthening students in courage and humility while allowing them to give back with a valuable readiness in respect and compassion. Mentors aim to strengthen interpersonal skills centered around teamwork and enthusiasm, which require students to boost the level of quality in their communication habits. With an emphasis on proper self-management, students are taught the importance of self-control in order to reach their goals and live a life of excellence. At the heart of Teach One to Lead One program objectives, K-12 and juvenile youth are increasingly inspired and motivated to grow up into responsible decision makers who embrace integrity and honor as part of their identity.

Elementary School PRIMO

The PRIMO program is tailored thoughtfully for children in grades K-5. At the outset of this program, mentors instill an understanding within students of their potential to become incredible leaders, which is an important foundational belief at this point in their lives. Every session in the PRIMO program teaches a universal principle with an air of imagination and excitement suitable for elementary school children. This program also engages parents through take-home assessments that teach families to engage in dialogue that is rich in the concepts of universal principles and insights. This aspect of the program is designed to extend the reach of impact that lessons are having on a student’s life by moving the conversation beyond the classroom and into the home.

Middle and High School ANEW

As students enter their teenage years and begin higher levels of education, the ANEW program challenges their perceptions and educates them on qualities they will need in order to thrive as they engage with the world more seriously. Guided by their mentors, students are taught through engaging role play, deep discussions that inspire positive mental thought, small group interaction, and application of universal principles through directed experiences. Students also complete an in-service learning project in the community or within their own school as a way to give back and put their lessons into practice. This program plays a significant role in shifting the behavioral culture of an entire school. Once graduated from ANEW, students are more self aware, controlled within themselves, future oriented, other focused, and well-rounded socially and emotionally.

Juvenile Court

Teach One to Lead One’s Juvenile Court program is a powerful tool for juvenile court professionals and parents of juvenile offenders through the T1L1 parent program. Trained mentors guide probationers into a rewarding new thought process on decision making, firm values, and integrity. A true understanding and grasp on Universal Principles is of utmost importance to make a thorough and drastic difference in their lives. Conducted simultaneously, the Juvenile Program and the Parent Program result in effective parent-child communication, restored relationships, and stronger foundations of trust.

Summer Camp

The purpose of Teach One to Lead One Summer Camp is to provide an engaging environment where children can learn and practice foundational character-building attributes outside of the school dynamic. Summer Camps reach a wide range of children who may not have access to Teach One to Lead One mentoring through their school. The program varies from half day to full day mentor guidance and works towards developing a growth mindset and a leadership initiative within the individual child. The Summer Camp experience prepares children to enter the school year with a progressive attitude towards work-ethic, relationships, self-disciple, and overall conduct in a social learning environment.


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