Who We Are

Teach One to Lead One was founded in 1996 by Dr. Lori Maldonado as a character-based mentoring program for youth development. Being a speaker for many years, Dr. Lori was exposed to varying crowds and became greatly convicted by adolescent youth groups.


She realized how crucial those early formative years are to their quality of character and overall life performance. Dr. Lori took it upon herself to design a program with the potential to effectively impact the lives of students and guide them towards a more positive future. T1L1 began as a program primarily for at-risk youth, but throughout the years, it has proved to be increasingly beneficial to the social and emotional development of students from all backgrounds in elementary schools, middle and high schools, youths in the Juvenile Court system and more. Today, Teach One to Lead One’s reach has exceeded 45,000 students in 7 countries and the program continues to touch new ground with every new year.

Teach One to Lead One functions within Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout the nation. Our system provides schools with qualified mentors and a proven program curriculum during hours approved by administration. Schools we partner with are equipped with a full mentoring service for their students, which requires no additional training or certification from their staff and minimal demands from the administration as a whole. With an emphasis on excellence and integrity that eventually incorporates itself into the daily lives of students and increases their performance, teachers continue to support the implementation of the program as part of their class schedule.