“Defiant, disruptive, attention issues, outburst of anger.” Those were the words that described a fourth grade student named Joshua. Ask any teacher and they will tell you, one student like Joshua in your class will challenge your ability to teach the rest of your students. Ask any school administrator and they will tell you, they can control what is happening during school hours, but what happens after school with one student can turn a classroom upside down. Ask any school counselor and they will tell you, trying to get through to a student who is acting out as a result of a lack of caring adults in their life is a huge moun-tain to scale. Sherena Small is a social worker and school counselor at Tonalea K-8 in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has worked with Teach One to Lead Onementors for three years. She first met Joshua when he was a fourth grade student and T1L1 men-tors were coming to the school for the first time. Joshua had been referred by his teacher for the new mentoring program because he had trouble focusing


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