“Enthusiasm” is one of 10 Universal Principles that Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) mentors instill in their students. It is made up of 2 components: “Positive Thinking” and “Proper Perspective.” In today’s world, it is becoming more rare to find students who live with enthusiasm. Perhaps this is because their perspectives as young people are limited, or maybe because they have experienced hardships in their lives that have caused them to lose hope. As part of the T1L1 ANEW curriculum for high school students, mentors show a video clip from America’s Got Talent to demonstrate what enthusiasm looks like in challenging circumstances. The contestant performs an incredible dance and receives a standing ovation from the crowd. The twist is that the contestant is blind. The video allows for T1L1 students to see how enthusiasm can help us overcome even the most challenging situations in life. Last spring, one mentor asked his students, “Be honest. How many of you woke up today grateful for your eyesight? This simple question struck a chord with a high school girl participating in T1L1. The note they received in the following weeks blew the mentors away because she “was a hard one with lots of struggles.” The student wrote, “I really love going to [T1L1]. It gives me motivation & a reason to get up on Thursdays. Our meetings are one of the very few things I actually get excited about… I wake up on Thursdays and smile because of you guys… I absolutely never thought I would say this – but I actually woke up on Monday and realized I could see and was so grateful for it.” For this student, considering her ability to see has begun to alter her perspective on life. This newfound enthusiasm brings energy to herself and those around her. She is now on the track of a positive lifestyle as she finds her purpose and potential

High school young student writing to notebook in class lecture
Kids in Need

Navigating Today’s Challenges

by Dr. Lori Maldonado In today’s dynamic digital landscape, our teens are embarking on a journey teeming with opportunities for growth and positive transformations! However,

Smiling depression appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms.

Lifesaving Mentoring

Dr. Lori Maldonado I typically focus on positive and uplifting topics in my writing and conversations. However, I feel compelled to address the heavy issue


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