by Spencer Harvey, YDP

In the spirit of sharing inspiring stories from our Teach One to Lead One® program, we want to spotlight Kamryn, a determined high school freshman who experienced an unexpected journey of personal growth and leadership.

Kamryn’s school schedule resulted in her going through the Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) program twice the same day, week after week. Initially, she was visibly annoyed, finding it repetitive and questioning its purpose. During her 4th-period session, Kamryn would disengage, keeping her head down on her desk.

However, something remarkable began to unfold. The dedicated 4th-period T1L1 mentors noticed a gradual change in Kamryn’s attitude. Despite her initial resistance, she became more cooperative and open-minded as the semester progressed. By the end of the school year, Kamryn’s engagement in her 4th-period class matched her enthusiasm in the 1st-period session.

At the final Teach One to Lead One® mentoring session, Kamryn shared her transformative experience with her peers. She confessed her initial annoyance and the temptation to find a way out. But through divine intervention, a different plan emerged. Kamryn was unexpectedly elected as the leader of her color guard team, which coincidentally had practice right after her T1L1 session.

Realizing the opportunity to put her newfound knowledge into practice, Kamryn embraced her role as a leader. She committed herself to teaching her color guard teammates what she learned in her 4th-period T1L1 session. She accepted the responsibility for leading and imparting valuable lessons in each practice.

Unbeknownst to her T1L1 mentors, Kamryn’s mindset underwent a profound transformation. She internalized the Teach One to Lead One® philosophy, understanding the power of being both a student and a leader. Her weekly participation in the program allowed her to grow personally and inspire others.

Recognizing Kamryn’s remarkable progress, the T1L1 mentors proudly presented her with the prestigious Second Mile award at the graduation ceremony. This accolade celebrates students who have made significant visible changes throughout the program, reflecting their commitment to personal development.

During the joyful celebration, Kamryn surprised everyone by jumping behind the serving table alongside the mentors, enthusiastically serving her peers. Her heartfelt graduation comments expressed her newfound understanding of why she ended up in T1L1 twice. She realized she had been entrusted with a mantle of responsibility for her color guard team and other fellow students.

Kamryn’s journey embodies the essence of Teach One to Lead One®. Through perseverance, she discovered the transformative power of teaching and leading others. Her story serves as a shining example of the impact the T1L1 program can have on students’ lives.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kamryn for her extraordinary growth, and we thank her for embodying the Teach One to Lead One® mission. Let Kamryn’s story inspire us all as we continue to empower and uplift the next generation of leaders.

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