Robert Pledger, YDP

Teach One to Lead One® graduation ceremonies are special to me. The atmosphere is electric, filled with enthusiasm from students, mentors, and attendees.
Recently, we celebrated several Teach One to Lead One (T1 L 1) graduation events in our area. However, one moment that captivates everyone’s attention is when students share how T1 L 1 has impacted their lives.

Courtney, one of the students who graduated from North Cobb High School, shared a testimony that deeply resonated with me. She stood proudly to receive her graduation certificate and shared how T1 L 1 gave her the strength to deal with a tough situation in her life. Afterward, we approached Courtney to learn more about the experience she had mentioned.

She opened up about the heartbreaking loss of her 12-year-old niece to suicide and how it has profoundly affected their family. Then, with a determined expression, she said, “My niece would have so benefited from the Teach One to Lead One program.”

Courtney’s powerful testimony reminds me of T1 L 1 mentors’ vital role in students’ lives. It reinforces our commitment to giving them the courage to continue. Working together, we can prevent devastating tragedies!

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