Baby Boomers must Teach and Trust

Teaching & trusting this new generation

The new generations are here to stay Much has been written and shown lately about the Millennial and Snowflake Generations. ‘Millennials‘ are those who became of legal age around the year 2000 and ‘snowflakes/homelanders‘ those who were born into the 2000’s. Other names have surfaced for these generations but those two names are the most commonly […]

My mentor, Mother Teresa

I was privileged to meet Mother Teresa four times before she passed away in 1997. You could say I caught my passion to mentor kids from Mother Teresa. On one of those occasions, she encouraged me to “Go back to your own ‘Calcutta’ and ‘be Jesus’ to your people.” Basically that meant to go to […]

Is It Ok To Care for Fido?

Isn’t it interesting how much time, effort, and money goes into the pet-caring industry? I like pets such as dogs and cats (I’m not into snakes and lizards), but what I like even more is our next generation. Just stop and think about what our world will look like if kids grow up telling the […]