In 2021, Bark (makers of a digital monitoring app) analyzed more than 3.4 billion messages across email, texts, social media, and many other apps to compile statistics that tell the story about what our kids face today. Although not totally unexpected, the new digital realities were alarming nevertheless. • 85.00% of teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness 74.61% of teens were involved in a self-harm/suicidal situation 93.31 % of teens engaged in conversations surrounding drugs/alcohol 40 percent of kids in grades 4-8 reported they connected or chatted online with a stranger Bark’s findings and other studies greatly impressed upon me and the Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) team the need to create a solution to the crisis.

Consequently, we chose to fight those negative forces impacting our children with equal or even greater ferocity by bringing positive and uplifting content to them. Teach One to Lead One is introducing Mobile Mentor this fall. A digital platform that brings the power of the proven T1L1 curriculum to the screens of children and youth everywhere. But Mobile Mentor is not just a tool; it is a whole mentoring experience with certified mentors guiding students through ongoing activities and face-to-face video meetings.

We can now reach students in schools and online. As we approach this end-of-year, I invite you to join us with a financial gift to fight the negative forces impacting our children. Our Board of Directors has raised a $100,000 matching gift among themselves. Please join me in matching this gift before December 31! 


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