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Feeling Positive Energy

There is a lot of talk about positive energy nowadays. What does that mean? Young people talk about it often. But what do they mean?

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Unleashing Compassion

Public school students show us the way  Over 70 Hamilton Heights High School, Middle School, and Eastwood Middle School students Joined forces during their Teach

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Just Getting Started

Written by Felisha Hunter  One of my favorite parts of my job is when I hear from teachers and administrators about the impact of Teach

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Seeing A new Perspective

“Enthusiasm” is one of 10 Universal Principles that Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) mentors instill in their students. It is made up of 2

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Empowering Headers and Filling Plates

Sara Colter, YDP  Brian Doak, a dedicated T1L1 mentor, has guided and inspired our students. Brian has positively influenced many young lives with his active

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Hearing fromStudents and Teachers

  Teach One to Lead One mentors are changing the lives of students for the better. Our spring programs are wrapping up and we are

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Humility Is When Someone Embarrasses You

Many of us really enjoy using word such as “respect,” “honesty” and “teamwork” around kids, especially, when they are misbehaving. “You need to be more


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