Gloomy woman alone

A Journey Without Children

As Mother’s Day approaches, I reflect on my journey of not having my own children, but it has only fueled my passion for making a

Diverse group of young people using mobile phone device outside

Learn How to Unlock It

Are you ready to unlock your child’s or grandchild’s full potential and set them on a path to success? Look no further! At Teach One

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Kids in Need

Helping Them Feel Safe

Joshua was defiant when we first met him. Joshua’s teacher told us, “He had a lot of outbursts and didn’t want to follow directions. He

Kids in Need

New Digital Realities

In 2021, Bark (makers of a digital monitoring app) analyzed more than 3.4 billion messages across email, texts, social media, and many other apps to


Teach One to Lead One App 2.0 is Ready

Interview by Spencer Harvey  Advances in technology seem to attract news coverage. Those announcements typically aim to convince us that our lives will somehow improve.

Smiling pretty black woman child development specialist talking to girl
Kids in Need

Right and Wrong

Jaylyn is a junior in high school whom I recently ran into. Of course, I see many students while I am out meeting with our

Two boxers fighting
Kids in Need

The Good Fight

You truly inspire me! When meeting with Teach One to Lead One financial investors and volunteer mentors across our country, I consistently leave those meetings

Human brain

The Pain of Epilepsy

Tyler is a young man who participated in one of our Teach One to Lead One high school groups. His life story touches deep in

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Community Orgs

Feeling Positive Energy

There is a lot of talk about positive energy nowadays. What does that mean? Young people talk about it often. But what do they mean?

Woman hand toppling dominoes. Chain reaction business concept

Unleash a Chain Reaction

Get ready to witness an explosion of positive energy as we unlock the incredible potential of celebrating small wins in children’s and youth’s lives! These


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