Fun, Fund Raiser

Inspiring Back to School Fundraiser

Central Indiana’s Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) Chapter welcomed the new school year with an exciting fundraising event, thanks to the dedicated efforts of

Teaching & trusting this new generation
Kids in Need

Baby Boomers must Teach and Trust

The new generations are here to stay Much has been written and shown lately about the Millennial and Snowflake Generations. ‘Millennials‘ are those who became


How to Parent Today’s Child

It seems that we hear this question more often today than what we used to. What is it about parenting today’s children that seems to


Believing in today’s youth

Regardless of what we’re trying to accomplish, I think success begins with belief in what we do. For those of us who have a passion


Mentors keep on coming back

Teach One to Lead One mentors make it a priority each week to meet with their students and offer a guiding hand. Students eagerly await


Happy New Year 2016

CEO & Founder, Dr Lori Salierno Maldonado, sends an encouraging greeting to all Teach One to Lead One supporters and wishes them a great New


EOY 2015 Greeting

CEO & Founder, Dr Lori Salierno Maldonado, shares an end-of-year message with T1L1 supporters. Thank you for a great year! We are looking forward to


Creating MAGIC in Mentoring

Huffington Post came out with an article called “The Magic of Mentoring,” which covers mentoring in business and how it can make the difference between


Make Excellence a Habit and Succeed

At-risk kids struggle with many of our principles when they first start the T1L1 program. From Compassion to Respect to Humility, they are all hard


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