Regardless of what we’re trying to accomplish, I think success begins with belief in what we do. For those of us who have a passion to mentor and help today’s youth, we must remind ourselves that our main focus must be to help those kids see it. When a child gets a vision of what their life can be, something truly special happens. We must help them understand that vision and begin believing that it can become a reality. In the words of author and speaker David McQueen,

“Get to know all of the people around you, understand what they want to achieve and help them self-realise what they need to do to ‘win’. Then you will see that people become motivated, they have clarity and they have belief, both in you and themselves. Success will follow if you believe in the ‘possibility’ of people.”

So, let’s take on the challenge to help today’s kids see what their life can become and that we will be walking alongside to help them launch into that adventure. Once they believe in what they’re trying to do, we can provide them with the tools of life contained within the universal principles taught by Teach One to Lead One.

The future is waiting, let’s go!


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