The Secret to Finding a Good Mentor and Vice Versa

Are you on the hunt for a good mentor? Or maybe you’re a mentor who is looking for a few people who may need your help. Either way, finding the right person is not easy. It takes time and patience to find someone who understands your needs and is willing to help you through the toughest challenges every step of the way. If a mentor has the kind of life experience you’re looking to gain, even better.

What does the process look like for finding a mentor? Sometimes it’s really easy to pick someone out of the crowd, especially if they are already a mentor, however, if you just admire someone and want ongoing guidance and advice in a certain area or industry, that can be tricky. Still, it’s worth learning the right questions to ask so a mentor or mentee feels comfortable joining the relationship and can give you a yes/no answer right away.

The Secret to Finding a Good Mentor and Vice Versa

Here are a few tips and questions:

1. Is this the right person? Look for a mentor who has the experience you want in your own life. The same goes if you’re a mentor looking for a mentee. Think about the next step instead of diving deep into your future plans. Remember that small steps equal big goals.

2. Ask the big question the right way. If you’re thinking about asking the big question – do you want to be my mentor – via email, don’t. If you don’t feel comfortable face-to-face with your chosen mentor, it may not be a good relationship to begin with. Be ready with a list of questions and goals when you go to meet your potential mentor in person.

3. Don’t rely on one person to meet all of your needs. You may need a few different mentors for a few different life subjects. Don’t expect one person to fill all of your buckets. Identify certain needs and choose people who meet something specific.

4. Pay It Forward. If someone has mentored you, pay it forward and mentor someone else. Mentoring is so rewarding and the relationship you have is worth the effort.

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