Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) mentors know that one of their main goals when stepping into a T1L1 classroom each week is encouraging the students. But, surprisingly, one of our T1L1 mentors had the tables turned on him this semester when a ninth-grade girl handed him a note. “This young lady actively participates in our small group discussions each week. She asks questions about what we are teaching. And she has now begun to take a leadership role in her classroom,” her mentor said. “I was encouraged and confirmed that we are doing life-changing work when I read her note.” The note lets us peek into this ninth-grade girl’s mind. She now understands that she is gifted and is beginning to grasp the potential within her. T1L1 students around the country are discovering their purpose and potential with each weekly T1L1 mentoring session. Thank you, T1L1 financial investors, for your gifts that make this possible. 


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