Welcome our newest alumni — Greenville Middle School

When you think about a graduation, what comes to mind? Pomp and circumstance? Black robes and funny hats? Not for the students who graduate our T1L1 mentoring program! While most people think of graduations as boring ceremonies, we love the way our T1L1 partners have turned our program graduations into celebrations.

Earlier this month, a group of 24 middle school students from Greenville, AL became the newest alumni of Teach One to Lead One and the local newspaper, The Greenville Advocate, was there to capture the celebration. Teach One to Lead One was honored to have the Greenville mayor and the Interim Superintendent of Butler County Schools join us during the celebration, both of which shared some incredibly encouraging words with the students.

As the article pointed out…

“And though ice cream is customary on the menu of the program’s graduation ceremony, it was the taste of success that was sweetest of all.”


Welcome our newest Teach One to Lead One Alumni



photo courtesy of The Greenville Advocate

This year’s Teach One to Lead One graduating class includes: Ne’Shea Ball, Aaron Betton, Tiara Boone, Zykita Bradley, Quintavious Johnson, Calvin Schofield, George Starnes, Brittany Taylor, Jamil Thompson, Jimmie Thompson, Corday Bones, Trevarn Caldwell, McKia Carter, Sydnee Colvin, Austin Duke, Austin Fortson, Jakevious Hawkins, De’Asha Mitchell, Tamiah Owens, Zin Peterson, Cordale Powell, Deuntrell Simpson and Erica Smith.

We’re so proud of the way each student worked hard to complete the 12-week course and identify ways to implement each T1L1 principle into their daily lives.

Thanks to the difference makers!

While we do everything we can to equip the teachers, school administrators, and mentors with everything they need to make a difference, it is really their investment that impacts the students.

We want to give special recognition to the T1L1 mentors who met week after week with the students:

Margie Kennedy, Susan Andrews, Jon Gilliland and Chad McGriff. Thank you for the investment you made over the past 12 weeks in the lives of the students at Greenville Middle School. The way your mentors pour themselves into students is always inspiring and we hope you realize the lasting impact you made!

We also want to recognize the teachers and administrators at Greenville Middle School.

We couldn’t do what we do without you believing in the T1L1 process!

Are you ready to celebrate more graduations?

If it was up to us, there would be a T1L1 graduation celebration every week in a different city across the country… but we can’t do it without your help.

If you are an educator, we’d love for you to help us bring the T1L1 program to your school.

If you are interested in bringing T1L1 to your community, we’d love to talk more about how you can become a mentor or support students by becoming a partner organization.

Congratulations to all the T1L1 students at Greenville Middle School! Here’s to celebrating more T1L1 graduations and more lives changed in 2014!







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