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Devereux Behavior Health Center

The Kids Left Alone

By Joel Greder

Being a teenager can sometimes feel really lonely. It’s hard to figure out where you fit in and who you can trust, especially when you’re sent away to a school for behavioral health reasons.

Recently, a boy who initially didn’t trust his Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) mentors shared his transformation story at graduation. He used to think nobody cared about kids like him, and being a lock in school, no one ever visited. However, his T1L1 mentors kept coming back every week, bringing hope and never giving up on him, even when he was difficult to deal with. He stressed how impactful T1L1 mentoring has been on his life.


By Dr. Lori Maldonado

Graduations are happening all around the globe this past month! One class, in particular, had a really neat moment when a female senior who received the “The Second Mile” Award embodied the spirit of this recognition by helping another student catch up on his 5 missed sessions through the Mobile Mentor App. Thanks to her support, he was able to graduate with the rest of the class.




You Rock

By Teresa Lutz

At Teach One to Lead One®️ every student participates in a community service project of their choosing. This year, one group of students chose to bring love and encouragement to their community leader. The students painted rocks with uplifting words and beautiful hand-painted photos, creating a garden of hope. This project showcases the power of community service and the impact our students can have. We are so proud of their dedication and compassion!

High school young student writing to notebook in class lecture
Kids in Need

Navigating Today’s Challenges

by Dr. Lori Maldonado In today’s dynamic digital landscape, our teens are embarking on a journey teeming with opportunities for growth and positive transformations! However,

Smiling depression appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms.

Lifesaving Mentoring

Dr. Lori Maldonado I typically focus on positive and uplifting topics in my writing and conversations. However, I feel compelled to address the heavy issue


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