Impact the Upcoming Generation Anytime and Anywhere.

Lead students into a life of purpose and potential by teaching universal principles leveraging technology that allows anyone to be mentored anywhere at any time.

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Tap Into the Power of Technology

Help Them Find their Purpose and Potential

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Today’s World is Different For Kids.

We live in a time and climate where kids are exposed to the worst of humanity earlier than they ever have before. It’s time for us to use technology to bring something good to them.

We know that you could solve this problem if it had to do with your business, but you are less confident about how to solve such a large problem with our kids.

We can build it with your help.

Teach One to Lead One is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

We have felt the frustration of trying to reach kids and seeing closed doors. Technology has allowed us to do it for the first time ever.

Now we are building the technology that allows anyone to be mentored anywhere at any time.


Years of Mentoring


Kids Impacted



How It Works

Our technology has already started making a difference in the lives of kids everywhere. See how it works!

  1. Sign Up and Connect to a Group

Parents and educators can sign up their children and youth and connect them to a group. There, they will be assigned to their Hope Mentors.

  1. Learn Life Principles

Students go through daily activities that teach life principles. They also gain points and badges. Students move up the leaderboard and work to best their friends.

  1. Discuss with Group Hope Mentor

Students discuss questions that help them process that week’s principle with their group’s mentors. They learn new habits.

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