As a freshman football player at Hamilton Heights High School, Michael Lecher achieved something that was very rare: he was the starting kicker for his high school’s varsity team. He kicked with a lot of heart because his mother, Sharon Lecher, was watching him from the stands and he knew she would only get to watch one season. She had been battling cancer and the diagnosis was not good. Five months after the end of the season, she passed away. 

However, Sharon Lecher was not the only person watching Michael on the field. A 30 year fan of Huskies Football and a new mentor in Teach One to Lead One program named Arnie Cooper was watching too. Their two paths were about to cross outside the football field in a T1L1 classroom.


May Parent/Child Golf Tournament

Are you looking for a great way to have fun with your son and daughter and raise funds for T1L1 in the Phoenix  Metro area?

In May, we will host a fun Family Golf Tournament at Mountain Shadows. This tournament will feature golfing on a beautiful par 3 course in pairs of parent and son/daughter teams to raise funds to reach more kids throughout the Phoenix area. Sign ups will be open in March.

Spring Semester is off to a Great Start

Great groups started for this spring semester in the middle and high schools. We currently have over 250 students in the Teach One to Lead One programs around the valley. 

How is T1L1 working in schools? Listen to our  latest T1L1 podcast as we interview two seasoned educators who have embraced mentoring in their schools. Click on the link below.

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T1L1 Receives the True Inspiration Award Thanks to YOU!

Last fall we asked you to vote on the Chick-fil-A app for a grant we were seeking through the Chick-fil-A Foundation. We are excited to announce we were given one of 24 regional True Inspiration Awards. On January 10, we were given a grant for $150,000 to help 4,000 students of color get the mentoring they need.

We are so grateful to Scott Reed, the owner/operator of the Chick-fil-A Sprayberry in Marietta, Georgia for nominating us. And we are so grateful to everyone who voted for us. The award was influenced by your relentless voting! Thank you for helping us reach more kids through T1L1 mentors.


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