Are You Giving To T1L1 or Giving Through T1L1?

I do not—I repeat—I do not want you to give financially TO the TEACH ONE TO LEAD ONE (T1L1) program. That’s right. I do not want you to give TO T1L1. I want you to give THROUGH T1L1.

What does that mean? That means that I want us both to be involved in transformational giving. By giving THROUGH T1L1 you can positively impact the future reality of our young people across our nation and world. When you give to a non-profit organization, it stops there. But when you give THROUGH Teach One to Lead One, the effect is transformational.

Several weeks ago, a young middle school girl who was going through the T1L1 program was standing in line with her mother at a store. The lady in front of her pulled out her wallet to pay for an item. When she did, a $20 bill fell to the ground. The mother whispered to her daughter, “Pick it up and don’t let her know she dropped it.” The T1L1 girl did indeed pick up the $20 bill but instead of being quiet about it, she gave the money back to the lady who had dropped it! Later her mother asked sternly, “Why did you give it back when I told you to keep it?” The T1L1 student replied to her mother, “I’m in a program at school called Teach One to Lead One where I am learning how to be a person of integrity. I want to be the kind of person who does what is right by being honest.”

Financial contributions arrived for T1L1 but went THROUGH the organization to this middle school girl. She had been transformed into a kid who is honest rather than a kid who would steal. Whether it’s through 16,000 kids or just one middle schooler, you and I can transform our nation and world. You can start giving THROUGH and enjoying the outcome.

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