Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) Hope Mentors inspire and bring a much-needed perspective to students. Here’s how most T1L1 high school students responded this semester to the statement, “If you really knew me, you would know …”

Hope Mentors: Showing Compassion:

  • “I work to provide things for me and my sister.”
  • “My mother hasn’t spoken to me in 14 years.”

T1L1 Mentors work diligently to show compassion (love in action) to hurting students.

Hope Mentors: Beacons of Light:

  • “I am afraid of my life being cut short.”
  • “I secretly hate myself because of mistakes I’ve made.”

Students’ revelations underscore the crucial role of Hope Mentors—caring adults who listen without judgment, offer support, and guide students through tough times.

Hope Mentors: Caring Adult Voices:

  • “I’ve experienced trauma and unable to recognize problems within me.”
  • “Someone tried to rape me, and I see his face every day at school.”

Listening and adding perspective provide relief and belonging, highlighting the power of mentoring.

Hope Mentors: The Power of Stepping in 

  • “My dad passed away in December.”
  • “I’ve never felt safe to express how I feel.”

Hope Mentors inspire empathy, resilience, and open conversations. By sharing experiences, students spark a ripple effect of support and growth.

Hope Mentors Making a Difference 

Every compassionate word and every moment of guidance leave a lasting impression. Our students’ stories reaffirm the importance of mentoring and the need to be beacons of light for students. These somber words illuminate the impact a Hope Mentor can make. Together, we sow hope and resilience, one conversation at a time.

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