We must learn to navigate a teenager’s mind

Learning about teenage brain health

Teenage brain health Most parents or mentors who work with teens may at times wish that they could read a teenager’s mind. It becomes even more challenging when we encounter a teenage brain health issue. The following quote from an unknown author may summarize what adults may think when working with a teen: “It would […]

How to Parent Today’s Child

It seems that we hear this question more often today than what we used to. What is it about parenting today’s children that seems to be more difficult in this new millennium than in the previous one? Is it really more difficult or is it that we don’t have good parents anymore? Parenting has always […]

Believing in today’s youth

Regardless of what we’re trying to accomplish, I think success begins with belief in what we do. For those of us who have a passion to mentor and help today’s youth, we must remind ourselves that our main focus must be to help those kids see it. When a child gets a vision of what […]

Mentors keep on coming back

Teach One to Lead One mentors make it a priority each week to meet with their students and offer a guiding hand. Students eagerly await their mentor’s visit to the classroom. School administrators report that attendance goes up when their students participate in the Teach One to Lead One program.