WATCH THE VIDEO Tanner Orton has done something that most 16-year old students would never do: he started his own clothing line. He designs his own wearable art. In fact, he not only started designing shirts and hats, but he also produced them and sold them at a local fair this fall. Where did he […]

WATCH THE VIDEO On the surface, Adam Vjestica may seem like your typical college sophomore. He loves sports. He can tell you any football or basketball stat you want to know. He himself was a high school basketball player and he is now the student manager for his college team, the Scottsdale Community College Fighting […]

WATCH THE VIDEO Ethan Mead is a lean, red-headed junior at Hamilton Heights High School. If you start talking about the things he loves, he will engage you in a long conversation. That would include 3-D animation and the classes he takes to further his love of the art. He will talk about his dog […]

WATCH THE VIDEO Middle school and high school are trying times for anyone coming of age. For Hamilton Heights sophomore Sydney Buffum, these times were amplified by a series of personal struggles. “At about 12-years-old my parents got a divorce, and that was pretty hard,” Sydney said. “I was going through therapy and different medications […]

We must learn to navigate a teenager’s mind

Learning about teenage brain health

Teenage brain health Most parents or mentors who work with teens may at times wish that they could read a teenager’s mind. It becomes even more challenging when we encounter a teenage brain health issue. The following quote from an unknown author may summarize what adults may think when working with a teen: “It would […]