Staying in the moment

Dr. Lori Salierno

It’s so very easy to go through life giving only casual glances at people and places that we encounter. It is even easier to give little attention to the people who mean the most to us. Sometimes, we even get it all backwards when it comes down to making moments in our lives really count […]

It’s time for self-evaluation

Dr. Lori Salierno

As I look over at the beautiful Hawaiian beaches, I am thinking about what it really takes to get better at something. I just finished speaking several times over the last few days and now I get a chance to enjoy the beauty of this place before getting back on a plane and head home. […]

My mentor, Mother Teresa

I was privileged to meet Mother Teresa four times before she passed away in 1997. You could say I caught my passion to mentor kids from Mother Teresa. On one of those occasions, she encouraged me to “Go back to your own ‘Calcutta’ and ‘be Jesus’ to your people.” Basically that meant to go to […]

Are You Giving To T1L1 or Giving Through T1L1?

Lori Salierno

I do not—I repeat—I do not want you to give financially TO the TEACH ONE TO LEAD ONE (T1L1) program. That’s right. I do not want you to give TO T1L1. I want you to give THROUGH T1L1. What does that mean? That means that I want us both to be involved in transformational giving. […]