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Empowering Futures:
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We have done a lot this year. See below to see exactly how your efforts and funding goes to change students lives.

Empowering Futures


Welcome to the Teach One to Lead One® (T1L1) Annual Impact Report for the school year 2022-2023. At T1L1, our unwavering commitment is to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. As we embark on this journey, we must provide you, our investors and supporters, with a comprehensive overview of our impact and challenges in the past year.

This report not only delves into the statistical data collected from assessments administered to our participating students during their T1L1 Experience but also paints a broader picture of the state of youth in the United States. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and continuous program improvement.

We measure and evaluate the critical skills contributing to students’ growth, academic achievements, and overall well-being. At Teach One to Lead One® (TIL1), our mission is to have community mentors connect with students by teaching universal principles and leading them into a life of purpose and potential. Our mentors are shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

We have collected data from a diverse group of students spanning different age groups and demographics, all united by the desire to thrive and succeed. This report analyzes their progress, our mentoring connections’ impact, and their satisfaction with the T1L1 Experience.

Your support has been instrumental in helping us make a difference in the lives of countless children and youth. We hope the insights shared here will reinforce your commitment to fostering positive change and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and we look forward to continuing this incredible journey with you.


Data Collection and Analysys

We continuously measure the impact of our mentoring programs in public elementary, middle, and high schools. We evaluate skills that contribute to longer-term gains such as thriving, decreased negative risk-taking behaviors, and increased academic performance through statistically validated assessments. We also assess the impact of promising practices that promote positive growth in attitudes and behaviors.

Students undergo assessments at the beginning and end of the T1L1 Experience, allowing us to gain insights into their development, learning styles, and the program’s effectiveness. We contract with 3rd party analysts with deep experience in evaluation, youth programming, and technology and use their statistical reports to improve our mentoring methodologies as the needs of students change over time.

Focus Areas

Our evaluation focuses on critical areas of personal development which contribute to long-term student success, including:

  1. Academic Self-Efficacy
  2. Positive Identity
  3. Social Skills
  4. Contribution
  5. Self-Management

TIL1 Students Program Satisfaction


Key Performance Indicators


Population Sample and Demographics

From a group of over 3,000 T1L1 students, we selected a statistical sample of 339 middle and high school students, predominantly aged 12 to 15. 

This diverse group included:


Students' Assessment - Before Teach One to Lead One


Success Rate - After Teach One to Lead One

67% of participating students, upon completion of the T1L1 Experience, achieved the classification of data. “Succeeding. ” This classification underscores the substantial strides made by them in their personal growth, academic achievements, and social development, thanks to the program’s invaluable support and mentoring.


Program Satisfaction- Engaging Our Students

Another significant KPI we monitor is students’ satisfaction with the T1L1 Experience. A student’s satisfaction in a program helps assess their level of engagement and is vital for ongoing program improvement. We define “Program Satisfaction” as whether a student would recommend the T1L1 program to a friend. Our latest data showed Program Satisfaction at 77%.

Our Findings

The Power of a Supportive Network

Mentors make a difference in students’ lives. Tragically, 10% of students surveyed reported they had no adults paying attention to their lives.

At the program’s start, half of the students (51%) reported having three or more adults paying attention to their lives, but the other half sadly could not identify that many significant adults in their lives.

Adults who surround our children and youth are the leading educators for the next generation, significantly exceeding the influence and instruction presented by any formal educational program. Ensuring the presence of strong and positive adult role models in the lives of our young generation is of utmost importance.

By the program’s conclusion, 28% of the T1L1 students indicated an increase in adults engaged in their lives, and 30% reported having more adults they can now count on for help.

Emerging Students
Not developing at the expected level compared to their peers
65% before participating in T1L1 Experience
Advanced Students
Demonstrate development at the expected level for their age
35% before participating in T1L1 Experience
Succeeding Students
Making notable strides: personal growth, academics, social development
67% after participating in T1L1 Experience
This Impact Report focuses on results observed by the Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) Program Office in Atlanta, Georgia from data collected across the U.S. by T1L1 Program representatives. This data shows the state of students in public schools nationwide and the impact of the T1L1 Experience.

Critical Areas of Student Development

Graph displaying student assessment data related to the five critical areas of personal development that contribute to long-term students success

T1L1 Program - Capacities Observed and Evaluated

T1L1 Program


Capacities Observed and Evaluated

This chart shows calculated percentages of the PRE and POST survey answers for thestudents who participated in the program The aggregate of the student results was dividedinto two groups previously described in this report as Emerging and Advanced Students Thechart displays changes observed in both groups before and after the program

The columns labeled Emerging (PRE) and Advanced (PRE) display how the emerging and theadvanced students rated in each capacity before the program The other two adjacentcolumns labeled Growth % (POST) display the growth percentage observed at the programsend for both student groups


Students in Long-Term Mentoring Programs in 2022


Total Net Assets as of December 31, 2022
unwavering support

Your unwavering support fuels the Teach One to Lead One® Mission


We thank our volunteer mentors across the United States and in some nations around the world. They selflessly give of their time and resources to help children and youth find hope.

These volunteers also handle critical tasks such as data collection and data reporting under the guidance of our dedicated Teach One to Lead One staff.

To our volunteer mentors, we extend a big thank you. Without you, this report would not have been possible.

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