Why At Risk

 At-risk means a student is less likely to graduate and more likely to engage in illegal activity.

The Meaning of At-Risk

Though the government’s exact definition of “at-risk” differs from state to state, the core problem remains the same: a significant group of the next generation is being led into a purposeless life. Of the 1.8 million young adults (ages 16-21) who have left high school without a diploma – 66 percent – are not working.

Why does this happen?

At Teach One to Lead One, we believe the solution to our nation’s at-risk crisis lies in the hands of positive mentors. Many kids who are at-risk grow up in abusive homes that encourage negative habits from an early age. With no taught principles and no direction, many kids succumb to habits that are harmful to themselves and those around them.


We Take the Risk

Teach One to Lead One is a community mentoring program that teaches universal principles to lead at-risk kids to a life of purpose and potential. By directly putting qualified mentors into classrooms, we offer a positive influence that many at-risk kids have never had. Our proven methods have brought us success since 1996.