Volunteer Opportunities

Those who give back

A Teach One To Lead One® volunteer is anyone who invests time in the organization outside of a mentoring position. We greatly appreciate the broad set of skills that have been offered to us by our volunteers. Anything from repainting our offices to administrative work, we gladly make use of a wide variety of talents.

Volunteering in the office

What better way to spend a lazy Saturday morning!

Remember when you had to lick stamps? Well, you won’t have to use your tongue except to carry on fun conversation with your other mailing crew members! We’ve got a mailing going out this Saturday, March 22, from 10 am to about 12:30 pm. See you there?

Email or Call 770-529-7700 if you can come!

Record Your Volunteer Hours

Have you been part of the fun? Either in the office or in the classroom, we’d love to know that you helped the T1L1 cause by giving of your time.

Go to the Volunteer Center to record your hours. Also, if you’re a mentor with new T1L1 students, enter your student names there.

Need to Fulfill Community Service?

Do you know someone who needs to fulfill some hours to take care of a court requirement? Because we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit service organization, your volunteer hours at CLI (such as here at the Teach One to Lead One® headquarters) count toward your community service obligation. We match your skills and interests with our needs, and voila! You’re done. At the end of your hours of service, we present an official letter indicating what you did and how it served the T1L1 vision.

Call us at 770-529-7700 to get started today.

Our Current Needs


  • Event planner
  • Decorator
  • Video/audio editor
  • Envelope stuffer
  • Inventory counter
  • Data entry expert
  • Data crunching geek
  • Copy writer/editor
  • Google Researcher
  • Performance measures statistician
  • Grant writer
  • IT techie
  • Librarian

To Volunteer for T1L1

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