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Juvenile Courts

Juvenile Courts are very efficient at processing cases and diagnosing issues that affect the young people who brought into the system. Juvenile Court Systems also have a variety of options to deal with juvenile status offenses. However, the Teach One to Lead One JC program takes it one step further. This program, based on the proven T1L1 curriculum, quickly becomes an indispensable resource in the hands of judges and other juvenile court professionals. The program is designed to meet the juvenile offenders where they are and guide them to a new way of thinking. Through weekly activities and discussions, the mentoring team instructs the teens on how to look at their situation from a different perspective and begin to apply principles that will transform their lives for the better.


The T1L1 JC program is commonly presented to juvenile probationers in parallel with sessions for their parents. Many courts either mandate or strongly recommend that the parents of juvenile offenders go through T1L1 parenting sessions. This parenting program is highly effective and unique in that parents are given instruction on how to parent their intelligent yet challenging children. The T1L1 Parenting program is “one of a kind” and has received great reviews from participants as well as juvenile court officials.

Teaching & trusting this new generation

Summer Camps

Teach One to Lead One camps make a radical difference in the lives of teens and pre-teens. The young people who attend our day camps learn leadership principles that soon become a part of who they are. More importantly, these teens and pre-teens “try on” character and leadership principles that they will need to know and put into practice for the rest of their lives. Many of the camps offerings are financially sponsored by other youth development institutions who are looking for strong character and leadership programs to incorporate into their existing summer camps. Contact us for more details.

Elementary Schools

The Teach One to Lead One E35 Program for Elementary Schools is a powerful character and leadership program that will transform a particular classroom and school. Designed by the creators of the proven T1L1 program for middle and high schools, the E35 program taps into the energy and imagination that is commonly found in elementary school classrooms. Teachers, parents, and other adults who surround the students will quickly begin to see positive changes in behavior, increased interest in school, and a renewed desire to help others. Administrators and teachers who want to encourage their elementary age students to respect others and improve the culture of the school will love this powerful mentoring program. Contact a T1L1 Program Consultant for more information.

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