Our Vision

Challenge the Cycle – What’s Next? from Celebrate Life International on Vimeo.


“As we chisel down the pages of history, we stand on the firm foundation of Truth. Leading our youth to this foundation is our vision for this world.”

It is a vision where our societies will educate our youth into responsible citizens who will be dependable employees, responsible parents, trustworthy executives, role modeling educators, honorable politicians, compassionate entrepreneurs, and local community visionaries.

It is a vision where thousands of volunteers, community leaders, faith-based leaders, parents, and educators join together and work to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

It is a vision where volunteer mentors give of themselves to work with depressed and confused students, and provide them with hope, guidance, and encouragement.

It is a vision where there is a 10% decline in the statistics for youth concerning:

  • Violence
  • Cheating
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • School drop-out rates

It is a vision where there is a 10% increase in the statistics for youth concerning:

  • Pursuit of higher education
  • Test scores
  • School attendance

It is a vision where young people create a momentum in the world by living lives grounded in integrity, healthy habits, strong relationships, and positive influence.


Our Mission

Celebrate Life International is an organization dedicated to transforming at-risk kids into responsible citizens by building in them character based on practical leadership skills and universal principles.

CLI delivers programs, materials, and personnel that equip young people to build lives of integrity, create positive relationships, stand strong in healthy habits, and multiply their influence among their peers.