In a climate of violence, hate, and low self-esteem, Teach One to Lead One is developing students to stand strong in integrity and character.


Future Leaders

As students adopt important life principles, they become leaders of influence among their peers.

Who We Are

Teach One to Lead One® is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead students into a life of purpose and potential.

  • We provide certified mentors from the community who partner with public schools, juvenile courts, and other youth-oriented groups.
  • We deliver a curriculum-based program that helps a generation of students at risk solve the challenges they face.
  • We guarantee measurable results that improve attitudes, academics, and attendance at school.
  • Most of all, we offer hope for students.

What We Do

Teach One to Lead One (T1L1)  functions within Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout the nation. Our program provides schools with qualified mentors and a proven curriculum that is presented during regular school hours and approved by administration. The Teach One to Lead One mentoring program requires no additional training or certification from school staff. Emphasizing excellence and integrity, the Teach One to Lead One principles, once learned, become incorporated into the daily lives of students and play a huge role in increased performances. Teachers continue to support the implementation of the program as part of their class schedule.


You Can Now Give
Hope to Students

100% of your donation will go toward creating and delivering effective mentoring to kids at risk of violence, hate, and low self-esteem. Working together, we can take these risks away from kids.


Treat others with respect in all situations.

Our Principles

About Us


Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.


Show self-control in order to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle


Demonstrate courage even in the face of self-doubt and fear.


Balance your self-confidence with healthy doses of humility.


Exercise excellence as a habit and a consistent part of your life.


Generate enthusiasm in yourself and others towards a positive purpose.

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Mentoring Today’s Youth

Teach One to Lead One provides educators throughout the nation with constructive mentoring programs for students in grades K-12. Our programs focus on nurturing and instilling universal principles essential to adequately move students forward in their personal and professional lives. Students graduate Teach One to Lead One with a firm understanding of communicative skills and character attributes that lead to success as they move from childhood to young adulthood.

We aim to help young people create a momentum in the world by living lives grounded in healthy habits, strong relationships, positive influences, and integrity.

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Talk to a Teach One to Lead One® representative today about becoming a T1L1 mentor, a T1L1 charitable organization, or a T1L1 school.

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