Charitable Orgs

Your organization has the incredible opportunity to take the risk away from at-risk kids.

You can impact their life by becoming a Teach One to Lead One Organization. If you care about kids, your organization qualifies. Whether you are a charity, a for-profit business or a civic club, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids and be a true charitable organization. As a partner in this great work, you take the risk from kids by taking on the risk yourself through your efforts and contributions.


The most valuable asset for directly impacting at-risk kids is mentors. Teach One to Lead One Organizations help us recruit new volunteer mentors who are willing to take the risk from the kids in their community. The Teach One to Lead One program gives you the opportunity to directly impact the lives of those kids we all want to help.


Your organization has the opportunity to help bring Teach One to Lead One to the public schools in your own backyard. By funding a semester in a school, your organization is bringing trained mentors and proven curriculum directly into public school classrooms. More importantly, a fully funded semester of Teach One to Lead One transforms the lives of at-risk kids.


The most exciting part of helping at-risk kids is to continue our relationship with them even after the program is finished. Organizations can organize their own activities to bring program graduates back together and continue making a positive difference in their lives.

Case Studies

Town Center Church is a community “hands-on” church. The church’s leadership has decided that they will constantly be involved in activities that benefit the people who live in nearby neighborhoods. When introduced to the Teach One to Lead One program, the decision was an obvious one. They immediately asked their church members to contribute any dollar amount towards covering the cost of training mentors. They also set out to find folks to sign up as mentors. Within a few weeks, the mentors were delivering the program to students at a middle school in their neighborhood. They took the risk from kids by taking the risk themselves.

The CarMax Foundation saw an opportunity to make a difference in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area when one of their executives heard about the Teach One to Lead One program. The executive recommended the program to the foundation and contacted the Teach One to Lead One office. Within a couple of months, a grant application had been submitted and the foundation had approved funds to cover mentor certification costs as well as student materials to reach students in a 97% free/reduced lunch elementary school in the Atlanta Public Schools. CarMax took the risk from kids by taking on some risk themselves.

The Towne Lake Optimist Club has always been committed to helping kids in their community. When one of the club members met a Teach One to Lead One staff facilitator and learned about how the program helps at-risk kids, he decided to invite the facilitator to a club meeting. The club agreed to partner with their county’s Juvenile Court System and support the Teach One to Lead One program for kids who are on probation. The club matches program funds provided by the court. Further, the club follows the kids who graduate from the program and invite them to join a Junior Optimist Club. The Optimist continue taking the risk from kids by taking the risk themselves.

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